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Post your property for free to connect with hundreds of buyers, investors, and real estate agents.

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Post your property

It's always free to post any property on TwnSqr's marketplace. We also offer a concierge package that includes professional photos, marketing support, and more.

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Instantly get proposals from agents and buyers to list or purchase your property.

Step 3

Select the best

Review their proposal, chat with the people you're interested on our discord server, then start working with the best buyer or agent for you!

Step 4

Sign a contract

TwnSqr doesn't involve itself in closing, so you're free to find the person for you and your property without fear of hidden fees.


Easily compare all your options.

Save time, money, and stress when you receive custom proposals directly from agents and buyers who want to sell or buy your property. TwnSqr lets you quickly and easily connect with the best person before making any commitments.

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Seller in Pittsburgh, PA

"TwnSqr is a great interface to connect with real estate agents and have more control over the sale process. You are able to talk with multiple agents to get a feel as to the market and how to get your home sold. This is something the other online sites do not have."

Everything you need for Free

For a limited time, take advantage of complete, unlimited access to TwnSqr.

  • Unlimited property posts per month
  • Unlimited proposals per month
  • Formatted email announcements to your custom buyers list
  • Analytics dashboards showing views and engagement with your posts
  • Direct data ingestion via API
  • Create custom buy-boxes and receive alerts when new properties fit
  • Phone/Email/Intercom support from our staff
  • No credit card required

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Email our CEO,, to talk about how we can integrate your business to streamline Post creation or access our API for programmatic access to Posts that meet your custom buy box.

Who We Are

Creating the marketplace for real estate connections.

Our goal is to give everyone the tools they need to connect with the right person in real estate. To do that, we built TwnSqr: a free, open marketplace where sellers post their property to attract motivated agents and buyers who submit proposals specifically to them. Whenever they like, they can connect with any one of them, and sign a contract as normal. It sounds simple, because it is simple. And we think that simplicity is exactly what real estate needs.

Not convinced yet? We're easy to talk to. Use intercom at the bottom right to chat with us, or you can reach the team at or (412) 301-3198.